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    ACE 4 Production Restarts! -well almost..
   By Rohan Bradney 
The story of the ACE motorcycle, built 1920 to 1927, was the stuff that legends are made of.  

A large and imposing factory producing basically one model of the perfect design. A passionate designer, Willie G Henderson, killed while testing the prototype of the new Ace Sporting Solo. Financial ruin after just a few short years of production, corporate takeovers, and more financial problems. 

And finally salvation, with a buy-out by the giant Indian Motocycle Company in 1927. Production resumed, as first the Indian Ace of 1927, and then as slowly evolving design into the final stylish Four of the early 1940s. Economics and wartime killed off production in 1942, and it was never resumed. Truly the stuff of legends...  

In an announcement which has startled and excited the Classic and Antique Motorcycle world, these pictures and details have virtually heralded the return to production of the ACE 4 motorcycle. Combining the superb quality of Jürgen Hecker's Ace cycle parts with an original engine gives a machine which the Philadelphia based Ace Motor Corporation of the early 1920s would have been justifiably proud.  

The list of available parts is comprehensive. Frame, tank, fenders (front and rear), front hub, rear hub & sprocket and brake assembly, clutch levers, exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe, handlebars, tappet covers.  

A few pictures here, and more to follow soon! 

For ACE parts in Australia  
Contact Rohan Bradney rohanb@primus.com.au 

For ACE parts in Europe 
Contact Jürgen Hecker Hecker101@t-online.de 

For ACE parts in USA  
Distrubutor coming soon! 
 More new parts from Jürgen Hecker here!

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1923 Ace Electric catalog shot
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Hecker ACE frame
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Hecker ACE tank
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Hecker ACE hub
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Hecker ACE clutch levers
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Hecker ACE stand