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   1935 Chief
   By Rob Olsen 
Its a 1935 Indian Chief  74 ci, with late model cylinders, a 47 oil pump. Has left hand shift, right hand throttle. The #'s are matching. The interesting thing about this bike is that the frame is actually 1936 stock with a solid neck. In 35 the frame neck was sort of hollowed out. The tanks are 36 as well. It tells me that in 1935 Indian started to use the 36 stock as a running change. 35 tanks still had screw in gas caps, and they changed in late 35.  

The paint is black with Indian arrow tank design, which was a 36 option. The head dress is hand painted and the feathers are 24K gold leaf. The pinstripes are also 24K gold leaf with a red pinstripe on  each side. It only has break in miles on it (so far).  

I bought the Chief as a basket. There wasn't much of it when I first laid eyes on it; frame, sheet metal, bottom end, wheels, bars and a box of what I call "stuff" -as in "ya, it comes with a box of stuff". I had a pro do the motor and trannie, as I was strictly into Hendersons at that time (now a 4 that's where I started and my first love; seems much easier to me), and I'm not much of a painter, so that was done by a pro too.