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 The KING Chief!
  By Duff

The Chief is as far as I can tell on its 4th owner that being me. It was my father's bike and has been in the family since the late 60's. We got the Chief in on a trade as the guy who owned it felt it was a bit too big for him. At the time we had a small shop and did service work on Indians. Later I got the machine and finally did a overhaul of the motor, adding the missing police generator, and since then the bike has been in the family. 

The Chief has been a test bed for all the King products we have offered for Indians. It ran the very first proto clutch King was developing, and later the first Moto Valve I made in two different configurations. It also got saddled with the first Valve Skirts I made to test. It also runs the spin on oil filter which I make but have not offered to the public. The oil filter has been in use on the Chief since the early 70's but since Stan has come out with a version I have not offered it to the List. My filter differs in that it has a casting which the filter spins on to in the same location, allowing the coil to be retained on the mag shelf but of a heavier design. I have used a dual line oil pick up from time to time, just to see if the return could be made more efficient but the results were about the same as single line return.

The Chief left the Wigwam in 1948 (frame and motor numbers don't match), but has since had 1950 tanks and fenders mounted as well as 1950 forks. The Corbin speedo is circa 1937 (simply because I liked it) with rear wheel drive, and the dash is a one-off custom (not another one like it as I have the pattern!). Motor is 74" Bonneville with a late model Torque Evener as the 80" motors had. If has, of course, a King clutch and is fitted with a Moto Valve. It has an original 6V Police generator plus a 29 amp 6V battery. 

The passenger pegs are from a 1950's Beck catalog. The carrier rack on the rear fender is original - the box mounted on the rack is not in any way original; it is a J.C. Whitney special! The shift lever is a police special often found on later model bikes since some police departments preferred a jockey shift. It works very well.

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Custom dash and Corbin speedo
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Torque Evener and Beck pegs

The Chief is for sale. Since I am located in Ohio I am pretty central to all of the US. Contact me on or phone (740) 927-1794 for more details.

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The King clutch test bed Chief

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Set up for everyday usability

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1950 forks and fenders

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Strong-running Bonneville motor

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Spin-on oil filter

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This bike could be yours...

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