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Thanks to All, 

On behalf of Abraham Betar, I'd like to thank all of those who purchased his shirts. The proceeds went to this stone to commemorate his life as an Indian dealer and hillclimber/racer. The people at the monument company did a magnificent job with engraving the bike on there from a photo. Had a bit of a problem with actually getting the stone set as they only did foundations two times a year and I missed the September one? So I had to wait till June -which turned into July. But it's finally there. The cemetery crew said they never had one with a motorcycle on it. Anyway, if anyone is in the Albany area and want to visit the site, it's in Graceland Cemetery and all the way to the left as you enter the main entrance. I'm sure he'd love visitors. Thank you again. God Bless. Special thanks to Elizabeth for fighting the battle to get this completed. 

Sincerely, Brett Herrey 

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"Indian Dealer and Hillclimber"

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