September 2001 Editorial
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 New Deal
  By VI Staff

Nine months have passed since the last issue of the VI went online in December 2000. The pages in front of you were supposed to have been here in January, but kept getting delayed, and for a while it seemed that there would never be another issue.

For the first part of its life (yes, the VI is alive!) most of the work that went on between the writers finishing their story and the stories appearing on your screen were the responsibility of one person. Our editor - publisher - coordinator certainly enjoyed the work, but when circumstances prevented him from spending time on the VI, everything ground to a halt.

It is never healthy for something as basically 'cooperative'  as the VI to depend 100% on one person, and there have been several attempts to form an editorial group or production team. 

"..this is our first issue 
as a team. 
We sincerely hope 
you enjoy reading it 
as much as we 
enjoyed making it!"
That is now a reality, as can be seen on the Staff page, and this is our first issue as a team. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Most of us had a pretty steep learning curve ahead of us, and we have a long way to go before we are there, so we had to leave out a bunch of the great articles that were submitted. These articles will go in the next issues, and there are a lot of great Indian stories to look forward to. The writers of these articles can rest assured that it wasn't because we didn't like their story that it doesn't appear here, but merely a matter of logistics. 

As you read this, we have already started working on the next issue, and it should be online around November 1 - This year! :-)

The VI Production Team

All Back issues of the VI 
are still online with
countless hours of
great Indian reading!